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Basque Country Wine Region

Vendimia - Rioja Harvest Festival

Rioja wine is famous around the world as an excellent drinking wine, accompanied by good food a classic Rioja accompanies any celebration. The biggest and fastest growing festival in honor of La Rioja wine takes place during the second half of September to mark the end of the harvest season. The location of the fiesta rotates each year among the small towns located in La Rioja Alavesa.

The harvest or ‘vendimia’ is a special time for local wineries, to mark the end of a very busy growing season. Focused on wine, the vendimia celebrates the local tradition, culture and lifestyle of local farmers. From stomping grapes, to learning how wine was made traditionally, to sampling local varieties it is a pleasant assault on your senses through the smells, flavours and ambiance of Rioja.

For a modest price take part in the public meal, or watch the rural sports contests like wood chopping, stone lifting or simply soak in the cultural dances and crafts as you explore the different wines of the region.

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