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Basque Coast


If you like nature, the sea and the mountains then you are in luck, only 40 minutes from Bilbao is Urdaibai, declared a UNESCO natural biosphere reserve in 1984 this beautiful estuary is a tranquil enclave and a favorite local destination.

Located within the area of the coast from Bermeo, Elantxobe, EA, Gernika and Mundaka includes over 23000 hectares of natural park and makes up 10% of Vizcaya. It is the most important estuary in the Basque Country and a protected local wildlife migration area since 1994.

The marsh, coast and mountains of this area can be explored through the following routes.

Follow the Symbol Route to discover the unique history and sights on this section of the coast.

If you like wildlife and bird watching, visit the research center in Urdaibai. A partially open-air museum dedicated to local flora and fauna.

For beach lovers, head to Laga if you like waves, EA for families and Laudatxu a pretty cove in Mundaka for swimmers and family. A popular surf area can also be reached from Mundaka.

And for adventurers hike out to Matxitxako, the northern most point of Urdaibai, located between Bakio and Bermeo. There you will find the lighthouse that once guided sailors back to port.

For group tours of Urdaibai get in touch, we can arrange transportation, guides and activities.

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