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Portugalete - Getxo

The Vizcaya Bridge “Puente Colgante” the hanging bridge from the industrial era

At the mouth of the Ibaizabal river, where Bilbao's estuary meets the sea this emblematic bridge hovers over the river, a link to the regions industrial past. The Vizcaya Bridge is the brilliant result of combining two different innovative technologies from the mid 19th century: the modern engineering technique using iron cables to hang bridges, combined with the use of large mechanical vehicles to operate with steam machines.

Completed in 1893, it was the first shuttle bridge built in the world made using iron. The massive structure connects the towns of Portugalete and Getxo, one with a steep rocky bank and the other with a low sandy bank. Built to allow transport across the river without interrupting the busy flow of shipping traffic in what was once Europe's busiest river shipping ports, the bridge stands today a solemn reminder of over 100 years of engineering wonder.

Declared a World Heritage site in 2006, the Vizcaya Bridge remains one of the great remaining representatives of the Industrial Revolution. Still in use today, visitors can travel across the river by car or by foot, for those that don’t mind heights, there is a walkway at the top that offers spectacular views of the estuary and the sea. Get here by car or metro. Both sides of the river offer bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the coastal ambiance in outdoor terraces, weather permitting.


From 5:00 to 22:00


*Ferry Regular: 0,35 €

*Car: 1,35 € + Passengers

Walkway Entrance: 7,00 €

Entrance with audio guide: 9,00 €

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