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Basque Country Local Markets

Local Markets

Local markets are popular in the Basque Country, they offer a wonderful opportunity to step inside the regions gastronomy and enjoy the high quality produce and products made in the region. The following are popular markets worth visiting if you are in the area.

Gernika Market

Held every Monday of the month, local producers bring their agricultural products into town for sale to the public. From local greenhouses and small farms you can find the freshest vegetables, fruits, flowers, cheeses and products in colorful array.

During the first Saturday of the month between June and December a special theme is selected for the market, visitors can learn about the local Idiazabal cheese, txakoli from Urdaibai, peppers from Gernika or wine from Rioja Alavesa that are featured.

Finally, in the fall, the largest and most well known of Gernika’s markets is celebrated on the last Monday of October. Hundreds of stands are set up and the bounty of the Basque Country’s summer is put on display. Locals come by the thousands to enjoy the products and also to celebrate. It is very typical for groups of friends to get together and hop from stand to stand sampling the local sidra or txakoli, locally made cider and white wine. From farming to artisan products the market is teaming with local products, fresh vegetables, meats, breads, honey, wine and cheeses to name a few.

Almond Market

In Vitoria the Almond Market is celebrated the first Saturday of the month. Named after the almond shape of the city center this market is made up of three main routes. The commercial route (Ruta del Comercio), comprised of local shops and artisans in town; the cultural route (Ruta Cultural), which includes guided visits of the city’s historical old quarter; and the barrel route (Ruta de las Barricas), that celebrates the gastronomy, local pintxos and drinks. Along the route local bars and restaurants offer a special drink and a bite to eat for under two euros. It is a great way to get to see the town and enjoy the local flavors.

Ordizia Market

One of the oldest markets in the Basque Country, for over 500 years every Wednesday since 1512 the town of Ordizia in Gipuzcoa province has celebrated a local market. For sale is some of the best produce and dairy products from the region. Local caserios or farmhouses bring their goods to the market that is held under a structure built in 1925. The market peaked in splendor in the late 1800’s when the railway system connected the interior area of Gipuzkoa with the coast and the rest of Spain.

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