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Basque Country Wines

Basque Txakoli Wine

Wine from the land, txakoli was originally produced in Basque caserios or farmhouses using locally grown hondarribi zuri and hondarribi beltza grapes since the 9th century. Written historical evidence of txakoli has been found from 1623.

The peculiar characteristics of this wine come from the terrain it is grown, the D.O. or denomination of origin protects Basque txakoli and defines what areas, processes and types of grapes can be used in its production. It can be found in mostly white and some rose colored versions. The three official denominations of txakoli wine include: 

- Arabako Txakolina

- Bizkaiko Txakolina

- Getariako Txakolina

To enjoy txakoli, it must always be served cold, the wine’s crisp and fresh minerality remind us of citrus and herb, it lends itself perfectly with local pintxos and appetizers. It is a social wine for drinking with friends at the many bars and restaurants in the Basque Country.

                                                                               Mapa Txakoli

If you enjoy wine and are interested in a txakoli wine tasting or meeting winery owners, get in touch and we can help to organize a group visit. Topa! Cheers!