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September Festivals

Festivals in October.

  • Day of the Shepard

    Day of the Shepard


    Artzain Eguna or Day of the Shepherd in Amurio is celebrated during the last weekend of September and everything is dedicated to this age old profession. The main activities include an Idaizabal cheese contest and a contest for the best herd of latxa sheep, a local breed which is used for making idaizabal. You’ll also find lots of local produce, a traditional market, exhibits about sheepherding, tastings and much more.

  • Day of the Shepard

    Day of the Shepard


    Día del Pastor or day of the shepherd in Legazpi is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. This festival pays homage to everything related to sheep herding, local shepherds come to town to teach people about their profession. Festivities include a cheese tasting contest, a sheepdog contest and lamb is served to attendees.

  • Fiesta de la Vendimia

    Fiesta de la Vendimia


    La Fiesta de la Vendimia de Rioja Alavesa, or the harvest festival began in 1994 and is celebrated in Villabena in mid-September. After the first grapes are pressed the mosto or grape juiced is tasted and judged to determine the best harvest of the year. The festival attracts thousands of people and there are many activities to enjoy from comidas populares or big groups of shared meals, dances, rural sports, traditional musicians, local markets and more.

  • Apple Harvest

    Apple Harvest


    Astigarraga a small town in Gipuzcoa celebraters the Sagar Uzta, Fiesta de la Manzana or the Apple Festival during the last Sunday of September. The Plaza de los Fueros hosts exhibitions of different types of apples, cider tastings, and traditional apple juice making. There is also a popular Apple Tart contest, traditional sports, children’s games and other activities that take place.

  • Cider Day

    Cider Day


    As a part of the local festivals in San Sebastian known as Euskal Jaiak, the local cider houses or sidrerias hold an event on the first Saturday in September in the Plaza de la Constitucion.

    The juice from the new harvest is carried into town by an ox drawn cart, along the way the cart stops at different points of the city so that people can sample the sidra. When the cart arrives at the plaza they are received by the sound of traditional Basque instruments, the txalaparta and the trikitrixa. There are sidra tastings all day long accompanied by tortilla de bacalao, chorizo and cheese. And of course no festival would be complete without some traditional dances by the bertsolaris who are traditionally associated to sidra.

  • Txakoli Day

    Txakoli Day


    In mid-September Zarautz hosts the Txakolin Eguna or day of the txakoli harvest where you can sample the best txakoli and mosto. The day begins with guided tours of the local bodegas where you can learn about how they make txakoli. By midday the bars have opened up and the Txakoli Pintxo Poteo begins, for every bar you visit and order txakoli they will serve a complimentary pintxo. At noon, in the Lege Zaharren Enparantza Plaza, the award is given for the best mosto, shortly after that tastings begin and over 1500 bottles of txakoli are opened.

  • Octopus Day

    Octopus Day


    Zumaia celebrates Octopus Day or Olagarro Eguna in mid-September. Plaza Eusebio Gurrutxaga hosts a cooking contest – the not so secret ingredient? Octopus and lots of it. Local gastronomic societies and groups of friends participate to cook the best dish. In the morning there is a food market with food and wine tastings. In other parts of the city, txoznas or makeshift bars and stages are set up offering food, wine, music and brochetas of octopus

  • Idiazabal Cheese Contest

    Idiazabal Cheese Contest


    In September, Ordizia celebrates the International Idaizabal Cheese contest, it’s an all out celebration and spectacle and one of the most important gastronomic events in all of the Basque Country. The best chefs from the region judge locally produced cheeses, the winning cheese is then auctioned off to the highest bidder for astronomical prices. Half a wheel of the winning cheese was once sold for 12,100 euros.

    Festivals in October.

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