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October Festivals

Festivals in November

  • Festival of the Alava Painted Bean

    Festival of the Alava Painted Bean


    On the second Sunday of October, the small town of Pobes in Alava has a celebration dedicated to the pinto bean, called the Feria de la Alubia Pinta de Alavaa. This special bean is grown in the area which has its own denomination. During the event there is an exhibition, a market, an art fair and a photography exhibit about the production, selection and packaging of the bean. Free tastings are made available to the public.

  • Shellfish Festival

    Shellfish Festival


    On the first weekend of October, Zierbana hosts a local seafood festival. Thousands visitors come to sample quality seafood at great prices. La Feria del Marisco has a fair where exhibitors sell fresh seafood, canned fish, local arts and crafts and seafaring objects. There is also a calendar of cultural and musical activities throughout the day.

  • Livestock Fair

    Livestock Fair


    Celebrated on October 9 on the feast day of the Virgen del Rosario, the town Savatierra-Agurain celebrates one of the oldest celebrated festivals in the region, la Feria del Ganado or livestock fair. It first began in 1395 and over time has become an important agrarian fair where visitors can see all types of farm animals from poultry to cows, there is also a food market, cheese contest and best farm animal contest.

  • Euskadi Pintxo Championship

    Euskadi Pintxo Championship


    The Euskadi Pintxo Championship “Saboreala” takes place in the Itsas Exea auditorium in Hondarribia in mid-October. Over 70 of the best chefs from the Basque Country, Navarra and the French part of the Basque region come to participate. Over the course of two days participants take on various challenges, 25 winners are chosen to take part in the semifinals, and then the lucky 10 are selected to take place in the final challenge. This is a very important contest as the pintxo is the epitome of Basque cuisine. In addition to the grand prizes, worth several thousands of euros, there are specialty categories like bacalao pintxos, innovation and others.

  • Txipiron or Squid Festival

    Txipiron or Squid Festival


    In the beginning of October, the beautiful seaside fishing town of Leketio hosts the Jornadas Gastronomicas del Chipiron – a celebration in honor of the squid. If you happen to visit town during these days you will be treated to some excellent gastronomy, almost every restaurant takes part to offer special dishes using chipirones or txipirones. In the Plaza Independentzia there is a series of cooking exhibits where chefs teach the audience the secrets of preparing the perfect chipiron.

    Festivals in November.

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