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May Festivals

Festivals in June

  • Day of the Anchovy

    Day of the Anchovy


    In mid-May, the fishing port of Ondarroa celebrates Día del Anchoa or Day of the Anchovy, a wonderful fiesta about one of the most humble yet popular fish in the Basque Country. On the day of the fiesta boats will blow their sirens three times to mark the beginning of the festival. Over 12,000 anchovy pintxos are served, expertly prepared by the local societies and clubs. There is also a market filled with local products, specialty canned seafood, performances, exhibits and concerts.

  • Honey Festival

    Honey Festival


    No doubt the sweetest festival you will find is celebrated in the town of Antoñana. Come to sample and buy from the local producers who are known for producing wonderful honey. There is also an art fair and a dessert cooking contest where chefs use honey to make sweet indulgences.

  • Cider Day

    Cider Day


    Apple cider or sidra is a popular drink in the Basque Country. In the spring when the sidra harvest is ready, local producers host a festival to sample the goods. On May 20th Usurbil hosts the Sagardo Eguna or Sidra Day, 44 sidrerías or cider houses participate in one of the most important contests of the region, visitors can sample tastings of the latest harvest and enjoy the local ambiance.

  • Txakoli Day

    Txakoli Day


    The Alava Txakoli Denomination of Origin regularly hosts a Sunday in May to educate visitors about the characteristics and qualities of the young fruity white wine produced in Aiara. Tastings and local produce are are available.

  • Txakoli Day

    Txakoli Day


    Every year during the festival of San Anton, Getaria celebrates Día del Txakoli to mark the opening of the harvest season for this local wine. The 17 bodegas of the region offer tastings of their best young wines. Purchase a glass and sample all the txakoli you want.

  • Txakoli Day

    Txakoli Day


    The coastal town of Zarautz also has a local txakoli festival celebrating wines from the Urola region. Festivities include traditional grape crushing, tasting the first harvest of the year, pintxos, childrens activities, local music and dances.

  • Fish Festival

    Fish Festival


    The Bermeo Feria Pesquera or fish festival is celebrated around the second to last weekend of May. Local fishing businesses exhibit their products to the public. Thousands visit the town of Bermeo during this time to take part in the activities from guided tours of the warehouses and factories, for samples and to buy the freshest fish.

  • Semana del Pintxo and la Cazuelita

    Semana del Pintxo and la Cazuelita


    In May, the best bars and chefs in Vitoria take on the ultimate foodie challenge. In a city known for its small bites, the locals organize a pintxo cooking contest among the local bars and restaurants. From the original tortilla de patata to elaborate concoctions using the latest molecular gastronomy visitors are treated to a wide variety of bite sized gastronomic creativity. Each tasting costs 2 euros and participants can vote for their favorites online.

    Festivals in June.

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