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July Festivals

  • Salt Festival

    Salt Festival


    In the second weekend in July, during the festival of San Cristobal, the small hillside town of Añana celebrates the salt festival. Salt is one of the most essential minerals, it has been mined in this area since Roman times and the salt beds in Añana make for a great stop over when visiting La Rioja. During the festival there is a food fair, handicrafts, exhibits and tours that explain traditional methods of extracting and processing the salt, There is also a light and sound spectacle in the evening.

  • Fisherman Festival

    Fisherman Festival


    In Gipuzkoa, the town of Orio celebrates the besugo or sea bream festival. It takes place over a few days in the second half of July. Over 500 of these popular and tasty fish are grilled during the celebration and served on the menu. There are also a variety of other activities including a pintxo route, marmitako tastings (a local stew made of tuna and potatoes) and a besugo cooking contest among the local gastronomic societies.

  • Day of the Sardine

    Day of the Sardine


    The seaside town of Santurtzi has had a long history of fishing and processing sardines. During the first day of the fiestas del Carmen in mid-July, Santurtzi celebrates the local sardine festival or Día de la Sardina. Over 2000 kilos of sardines are grilled up fresh and offered free to the public who attend the festival, the Gran Sardinada is a popular event and attracts up to 20,000 people.

  • Pepper Festival

    Pepper Festival


    On the first Saturday of July Gernika celebrates the Feria del Pimiento, a pepper festival. The town is known for its popular and locally produced green peppers. Grown locally, the Denomination of Origin (D.O.) peppers are usually fried in olive oil and lightly salted. They go well with almost everything from tortilla de patata to roasted chicken. The town has an agricultural market, special pintxos, local white wine txakoli and traditional handicrafts from baskets, ceramics to wood carving.

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