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December Festivals

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  • Santa Lucia Fair

    Santa Lucia Fair


    On December 13 in Zumarraga and nearby town of Urretxu they celebrate Santa Lucia. This is one of the most important and busy agrarian fairs in Gipuzkoa for farm animals, machines used for farming, local produce and products from honey, bread, cheese and talo. All of this is accompanied by local musicians and a honey contest.

  • Steak Festival

    Steak Festival


    If you like steak, this fiesta is for you. In early December Tolosa celebrates the traditional Fiesta del Chuleton, an event dedicated to the best grill masters of the region who bring out their grills and pay homage to the perfectly done T-bone steak. Chuleton is a very typical dish served in the Basque region, the popularity of the dish originated in this area. Chuleton is typically served for the purist, chargrilled on the outside and red on the inside. If you prefer yours well done ask for zapata (or the shoe).

    Next to the Oria riverbank, the traditional Tinglado market is blanketed in a light fog of smoke, the grills are hard at work and the scent of grilled steak fills the air. The chuleton is accompanied by none other than jamon de jabugo, white asparagus from Navarra, greens from Tudela, peppers from Lodosa and desserts, followed by the local Idaizabal cheese and sweets. Seatings are limited to 200 people per session, which is why it is important to reserve in advance. If you can’t get a seat at the festival, you can also try one of the asadores or grill restaurants in town.

  • Santo Tomás Fair

    Santo Tomás Fair


    A very popular local fair with a long tradition, the Feria de Santo Tomas in Bilbao is celebrated on December 21 and it marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. For over 65 years many of the local farmers come to town to sell their best produce, meats, cheeses and baked goods. The Arenal and the Plaza Nueva are filled with stalls with every local delicacy imaginable from cheese, vegetables, bread, pastries, plants, flowers, honey, chorizo and more. Many will come simply to celebrate and drink txakoli or sidra while sharing pintxos with friends. Another typical snack served is talo con chorizo, a corn tortilla fresh off the griddle wrapped around bacon, chorizo or even chocolate. The fiesta begins early in the morning and festivities continue all day until late in the evening.

  • Santo Tomás Fair

    Santo Tomás Fair


    Santo Tomas is an important fiesta in the calendar year for the Basque people. Taking place on December 21st right before the holidays, it was traditionally a day for local farmers to bring their goods to town and sell to the locals in preparation for the festivities and holiday meals. Today the tradition continues but in addition to the local market, the locals also come out to celebrate. Local foods and embutidos such as txistorra, a thin and tasty sausage similar to chorizo are served to visitors accompanied by local sidra or txakoli (white wine). In San Sebastian stalls offer high quality produce and fruits from local farmers and thousands of locals will come out to the streets to meet up, socialize, eat and drink. Food contests from the best txistorra, cheese, honey and even the best scarecrow are held. The ambience is casual and fun, traditional music, dances and local revelry abound, especially around mid-day.

  • Christmas Farmers Market

    Christmas Farmers Market


    For over 50 years, the Thursday before Christmas Eve is when locals celebrate the popular Feria Agrícola de Navidad or Christmas Fair. Farmers and growers from around the region bring their best products to sell. Over a hundred stalls are set up with local delicacies from vegetables, fruits, cheeses, honey, pates, wines, bread, jams and of course the typical talo con chorizo is served. Sidra or txakoli are popular drinks. There is also an exhibit and contest of the best poultry.

  • Algusto Saber y Sabor

    Algusto Saber y Sabor


    For those that love good food, home cooked recipes and the freshest ingredients available will enjoy the festival “Al Gusto, Saber y Sabor.” An international event celebrated every two years, in mid-November in the Bilbao Exhibition Center. The exhibits include a selection of the best gastronomy on the planet from different regions, celebrating the most traditional products and ingredients produced by small producers that believe in Slow Food philosophy.

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