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April Festivals

  • Shepherd Day

    Shepherd Day


    Sheep, sheepherding and best of all Idaizabal cheese are the main event during the Day of the Shepard or Dia Del Pastor (Artzai Eguna in Basque). This is a full day dedicated to the traditional art of cheesemaking. Festivities include a traditional market, cheese tastings and a contest for the best Latxa and Carranzana sheep.

  • Mackerel Day

    Mackerel Day



    In the small coastal fishing town of Mutriku in Gipuzkoa the town goes wild over mackerel. Mackrel, verdel or berdel is known for its high omega-3 content. The local mackerel festival Berdel Jaia takes place during peak mackerel season when the fish migrate through this area and fishing boats are laden with catch. Over 4,000 kilos of mackerel are served in the local bars and in the port area. The festivities, ambiance and charm of this popular local celebration are one of a kind.

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