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Once upon a time, historical leaders of the Basque region would agree upon the laws of the land underneath sacred trees. The oak tree found in Gernika is a symbol of this ancient tradition representing law, justice and freedom. Here is a sonnet by William Wordsworth from 1810 written in homage to the tree of Gernika.

OAK of Gernika! Tree of holier power
Than that which in Dodona did enshrine
(So faith too fondly deemed) a voice divine
Heard from the depths of its aerial bower--
How canst thou flourish at this blighting hour?
What hope, what joy can sunshine bring to thee,
Or the soft breezes from the Atlantic sea,
The dews of morn, or April's tender shower?
Stroke merciful and welcome would that be
Which should extend thy branches on the ground,
If never more within their shady round
Those lofty-minded Lawgivers shall meet,
Peasant and lord, in their appointed seat,
Guardians of Biscay's ancient liberty


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