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Basque Country Travel Guide & The Ironman Route

Landa and Ulibarri-Gamboa Reservoir

This off the beaten track route is great for outdoor enthusiasts. The reservoir offers wonderful cycling, swimming, and hiking routes. This is also the location of the Vitoria Ironman held in early July.

Located only a few kilometres from Vitoria is the natural park and reservoir of Ullibarri-Gamboa and Landa, the beautiful lakes are surrounded by the Arzubiaga forest and Elguea mountain. The lakes are part of a system of dams which serve as a reservoir for Bilbao's water. It is also the nearest beach for those who live in Alava with areas prepared for swimming, sailing, windsurfing, cycling, picnic areas and restaurants.

There is also a bird park, the Parque Ornitológico and Observatorio of Mendíjur, which is a habitat for aquatic birds.

The Vitoria Ironman triathlon passes through this area in July, and there are great trails for running, roads for cycling and refreshing fresh water for a swim. There is a place to rent bikes and if you want to tour the full circuit of the reservoir, distance is approximately 45.3 kilometers.

Get in touch with one of our local guides if you'd like to rent gear or get a tour of the area with a local or have a picnic arranged.

Places: Ullibarri Gamboa, Landa, Garaio.
Travel time Distancia: 35,3 km (21.93 miles), 49 min.
Duración: 1 Day.

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