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One, Two and Three Day Recommended Itineraries

Discover some of the most beautiful corners of the Basque Country from the rugged coastline to serene interior landscapes. We’ve prepared 16 unique routes from popular landmarks to areas off the beaten track. Here you will find places to go, things to do, where to eat and locals to meet along the way. You can choose from a one, two or three day itineraries. Select a route on the left or click on the icons below for more details. Ondo Pasa! Enjoy!
  • Salt Route

    Salt Route


    Places: Salinas de Añana, Torre Varona, Valderejo Natural Park.

    Travel time: 30.3 km (18.82 miles), 52 min.

    Trip length: 1.5 Days.

    Explore the Salt Route

  • Wine Route

    Wine Route


    Places: Haro, Labastida, Elciego, Laguardia.

    Travel time: 34.4 km (21.37 miles), 39 min.

    Trip length: 2 Days.

    Savor the Wine Route.

  • Belle Epoque Route

    Belle Epoque Route

    belle epoque

    Places: Zestoa, Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz.

    Travel time: 21.7 km (13.48 miles), 36 min.

    Length: 2 Days.

    Explore the Basque Country's Belle Epoque history and spa's next.

  • Iron Route

    Iron Route


    Places: Portugalete, La Arboleda, Ferrería El Pobal, Casa de Juntas de Avellaneda.

    Travel time: 33.2 km (20.63 miles), 46 min.

    Length: 1 Day

    Discover the Iron Route next.

  • Putxeras Route

    Putxeras Route


    Places: Balmaseda, Artziniega, Aiara Valley.

    Travel time: 20.4 km (12.67 miles), 24 minutes.

    Length: 1 Day.

    Get a taste of the Putxeras Route next.

  •  Medieval Trade Route

    Medieval Trade Route


    Places: Orduña, Peña Orduña.

    Travel time: 9.1 km (5.65 miles), 14 min.

    Trip length: 1 Day.

    Continue to explore the region's Medievel Trade Route.

  • Coastal Route

    Coastal Route


    Places: Gexto, Algorta, La Galea, Butrón, Plentzia, Gorliz.

    Travel trip: 25.9 km (16.09 miles), 36 min. Trip length: 1 Day.

    Head to the Coastal Route next.

  • Basque Mythology Route

    Basque Mythology Route


    Places: Urkiola Natural Park, Durango, Atxondo Valley, Elorrio.

    Travel time: 21.9 km (13.60 miles), 35 min.

    Trip length: 1.5 Days.

    Learn about Basque Mythology next.

  • Three Bells Route

    Three Bells Route


    Places: Armintza, Bakio, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

    Trip time: 18.7 km (11.62 miles), 24 minutos.

    Trip length: 1 Day.

    Learn about the Three Bells Route next.

  • Natural Park Route

    Natural Park Route


    Places: Bermeo, Mundaka, Gernika, Arteaga, Elantxobe.

    Travel time: 29.1 km (18.08 miles), 44 min.

    Trip length: 2 Days.

    Visit the regions National Park's next.

  • Anchovy Route

    Anchovy Route


    Places: Bolibar, Lekeitio, Ondarroa, Mutriku.

    Travel time: 48.5 km (30.13 miles), 1 h.

    Trip length: 2 Days.

    Explore the Anchovy Route next.

  • Cider Route

    Cider Route


    Places: Astigarraga, Pasaia, Hondarribia.

    Travel time: 32.0 km (19.88 miles), 45 min.

    Trip lenght: 2 Days.

    Explore the Cider Route next.

  • Sanctuary Route

    Sanctuary Route


    Places: Oñati, Arantzazu.

    Travel time: 10.3 km (6.4 miles), 19 min.

    Trip lenght: 1 Day.

    Learn more about the Sanctuario Route next.

  • Cheese Route

    Cheese Route


    Places: Idiazabal, Beasain, Ordizia, Tolosa.

    Travel time: 25.8 km (16.03 miles), 35 min.

    Trip length: 2 Days.

    Enjoy the Cheese Route next.

  • Steam Train Route

    Steam Train Route


    Places: Azkoitia, Loiola, Azpeitia.

    Travel time: 4.9 km (3.04 miles), 9 min.

    Trip Lenght: 1 Day.

    Jump on the Steam Train Route next.

  • Ironman Route

    Ironman Route

    agua dulce

    Places: Ullibarri Gamboa, Landa, Garaio.

    Travel time Distancia: 35,3 km (21.93 miles), 49 min.

    Duración: 1 Day.

    Sweat it out on the Ironman Route next.