Vitoria Medieval City Tour

Take a step back in time and visit the medieval town of Vitoria, the guided visit includes a tour of Santa Maria Cathedral where you will have the unique opportunity to visit on-going restoration work and learn how a gothic cathedral is built
Vitoria cathedral tour

On top of the hill where the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria stands, the city of Vitoria was born in 1181. While lesser known than it’s neighboring cities, Vitoria is home to one of the best preserved Casco Viejo or old town in Spain. Walking through the narrow cobble stone streets that wind away from the cathedral you will gain a better understanding of what life was like during the middle ages. 

We begin at the top of the hill in the Plaza of the Burullería, the tour will then take you inside the belly of the Santa Maria Cathedral during its restoration work. As part of this unique experience, expert guides will explain the on-going live restoration and archeological works of this 13th-century sanctuary. Architects, archaeologists, stonemasons, scaffolding and reinforcements paint the picture of this innovative project in cultural tourism.

Following your visit of the Catherdal we take you to the original Post Office or “El Portalon”, one of the oldest and well-known buildings in town built in the fifteenth century. The tour includes a visit of the bodegas and a tasting of pintxos and local wine.

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Where: Vitoria
Book in Advance: Yes
Guide: Yes
Tours Schedule: 11:00 AM
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Minimum Recommended: 6 People

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