The Txikito Glass, a Turn of the Century Tradition

The “Txikito” is a traditional short glass of red wine that was popular in the Basque Country at the beginning of the century. Pronounced, “chi-kee-toe” it is a nostalgic part of local culture and bar lore
Vaso txikito

The first rules of Txikitero’s:

1.Txikitero’s only drink wine.

2.They travel in groups of friends.

3.Some sing ballads, some only sing on occasion.

4.Standing room only, never make a reservation, never stay beyond necessary, because the journey is long and there are more taverns to visit…always have an opinion.

The “Txikito” is the traditional short glass of red wine, pronounced, “chi-kee-toe”. 

Once customary in Bilbao over a century ago, and also called the "vaso de Bilbao" they used to be very common in local taverns, but due to their hand crafted nature and limited production, the original Txikito glasses have been replaced with modern glassware. 

The “Txikiteo” was a crawl from bar-to-bar and its protagonists were called, “Txikitero’s”. The original Txikiteros were factory workers, miners, fisherman and farmers. They were a no frills group of old friends who made tradition out of enjoying many rounds of wine and a solid slam of the glass on the bar before moving on to the next tavern. Before James Bond sipped shaken martini’s, before cosmopolitan’s or fruity piña colada’s, the Txikito was the original shot glass of the working class.

Today's Txikito glasses are made using traditional methods. The glasses are shaped following the inspiration of the old European glasses from 1917. An authentic Txikito glass is solid and heavy, it features a thick 5mm rim, shallow base and weighs in at over 600 grams, designed to endure the most demanding bar crawl. Today’s Txikitero's appreciate the social nature of getting together for a drink with friends in moderation.  

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