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Explore Bilbao on a bike. Hourly and daily bike rentals are available
Bilbao bike rental
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Javi the owner of Urban Bike is an entrepreneur at heart who has traveled all over Europe. He is deeply passionate about urban biking and getting more people to think about sustainable forms of transportation. He loves the look on people’s faces when they try out an electric bike for the first time – his dream is to see more people choosing electric bikes to travel around the city as their preferred mode of transportation

Choose your own pace. Grab a friend and rent a bike to explore the city for a few hours or a full day. A bike path along the Nervión river will take you past the Guggenheim Museum, Palacio del Euskalduna, Zubizuri Bridge, Izosaki Atea Towers and past the two local universities Deusto and University of the Basque Country. Along the way stop at any of the riverside terraces for a cool drink or a café con leche.

With a wide selection of cruisers and bicycles to suit your needs, Urban Bike has everything you need to plan a fun filled day in and around Bilbao. They can provide recommendations on itineraries, routes and suggest places of interest off the beaten track.

Reserve your bike online today! Rates are for the full day, per person.

About Urban Bike:

Urban Bike received an award for Best Sustainable Business in 2012 from the Bilbao city government.

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