Underground Caves & Hidden Valley Walking Tour

Discover the west end of Bizkaia on the border of Cantabria, the region known as Encartaciones to visit the areas natural parks, forests, caves and rivers. Including one of the largest underground caves in Europe. The visit includes a stop in the historic mining town of Balmaseda and a hearty Basque alubiada, traditional coal miner lunch.
Pozalagua´s caves
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Macarena, originally from the south of Spain has made the Basque Country her home. An architect by profession she loves to explore and discover places on walks. Lively and athletic she enjoys taking groups out to discover new places.

Start the day in the Carranza’s Valley, one of the most picturesque and least known regions of Bizkaia. The 2 hour walk will take you past through some of the best-preserved natural flora and fauna in the region.

Following the walk, head into the Natural Park of Armañón, a fascinating underworld where you find the caves of Pozalagua, recently awarded the Best Spot in 2013 by the Repsol Guide. Inside the park visitors find a network of underground caves with some of the most unique collections of stalactites and stalagmites in the region. This is also home to a cave known as the Torca del Carlista,  one of the biggest caverns in Europe, over 400 metres long, 250 metres wide and 90 metres high. Inside discover the impressive and eerie natural wonders that defy the laws of gravity, adopting curious forms carved over centuries.

After the caves enjoy a traditional Basque coal miner lunch of alubias, a hearty bean stew popular in this area.

Finally, head to Balmaseda, one of the oldest villas in Bizkaia for a tour of the historical monuments and a visit to the Old Bridge over the Cadagua river.


  • *Easy to moderate walking. No strollers.

  • *Don’t forget to bring comfortable walking clothes and shoes, water and your camera.

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Group Size Recommended: 3-10 People
Recommended Months: All Year Round
Length: Full Day
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