The Ultimate Basque Gastronomy Experience

Join us as we explore the best food in the Basque Country. We will take you on the ultimate culinary tour of the finest establishments where you will enjoy top quality ingredients and the local dishes of our land, prepared and presented by local culinary experts
Basque Country tour

This is the complete foodie tour, we’ve carefully prepared the ultimate gastronomy experience for food and wine lovers.

Dine at Michelin star restaurants, meet award winning chefs, enjoy a meal in an authentic Basque txoko owned by a private gastronomy society, visit the Rioja Alavesa and Txakoli wine growing regions, sample nanogastronomy and savor the latest in haute cuisine while staying in luxury accommodations. Our friendly and knowledgeable guides have prepared the ultimate foodie experience for you to savor.

The one-week itinerary includes a visit to the three capital cities of the Basque Country in Spain - Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Vitoria. We have also included a visit to wine growing region La Rioja and trips along the coast to visit seaside fishing villages and important museums including the Guggenheim and Balenciaga.

Includes luxury accommodations, knowledgeable tour guides and transportation. 

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Recommended Months: From May to Octuber
Group Size Recommended: 8-16 People

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