The Route of the Three Temples

Sancti Spiritus University XVI Century Oñati (Photo by TBC, Javier Salazar)

For people in touch with their spiritual side as well as history and architecture lovers, we have just the perfect day trip to enjoy during their holidays. Visit the Basque Country and join the Route of the Three Temples.

First, let me introduce you to Mikel, your professional tour guide. Born in Bilbao, he loves traveling and good food. Mikel has spent over ten years showing his region to visitors and is the perfect person to help you discover hidden places in the Basque Country.

Our adventure commences in Oñati, which has more monuments than any other town in the province of Guipúzcoa and is home to the first University of the Basque Country and a splendid gothic cathedral. We will walk along its medieval quarter where we will have the chance to sample some delicious Pintxos.

From Oñati we travel to the Sanctuary of Arantzazu, a shrine where it is said that the Virgin appeared about five hundred years ago in Aizkorri, an astonishingly beautiful mountain enclave. Let yourself be captivated by the spirituality of the area and the beauty of its basilica built on the edge of the mountain.

We continue our way towards the Sanctuary of Loyola, the birthplace of San Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus religious order. We will visit his home, which is located within the compounds of the 17th century basilica, surrounded by beautiful gardens that invite you to take a walk.

We will finish our trip in Zumárraga, where you will visit the so-called “Basque sanctuaries’ cathedral”. Inside this Romanesque shrine you will get a chance to contemplate some impressive wooden ceilings.

It is time to get back - I hope you have enjoyed the trip!

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When: All Year
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Minimum Recommended: 2 to 4 People
Includes: Transportation
Length: 8 to 9 Hours

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