The Iron Route

The history of the Basque Country has been forged in iron. This tour is a fascinating journey into the secrets of this metal, its origins and the way it it transformed and shaped.
Ferrones País Vasco

Starting in the heart of Guipúzcoa, you will visit an iron foundry with its bellows room, where the smelting furnaces are installed. The tour is followed by a live show where blacksmiths dressed in period costumes work and shape the melting iron in ways that will leave you speechless. During the visit, you will be accompanied by a guide who will answer all your questions.

We leave the heat of the foundry behind to enjoy the fresh surroundings of the Ekain caves. During our visit, we will admire an extraordinary collection of cave paintings with over 70 figures —most of them depicting horses. These paintings are among the best examples of cave art in the area.

The tour will be led by Mikel, a professional guide with over ten years’ experience who can show you every little corner of the Basque Country you may wish to explore. If you would like to experience something different to the traditional tours and submerge yourself in the real and genuine Basque Country, Mikel is your ideal guide.

Details & Reservation

When: All Year
Book in Advance: Yes
Minimum Recommended: 2 to 4 People
Includes: Transportation
Length: 8 to 9 Hours
Visits: Ask for dates

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