The Historic Miruaitz Fronton

Learn about the history of fronton in the Basque Country, watch an exhibition game and try it yourself in the legendary court used by the French national team to train for the World Championships
Jai Alai Mutriku
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Noemi, originally from Mutriku, spent many years in Connecticut in the US before returning to her hometown. Her father was a pelotari player and she grew up watching and learning the local sport. After years of organizing visits for friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances, she decided to start her own business so that others might learn about her culture

fronton is the traditional court used to play Basque pelota. The length of the court determines if it is used for pelota or handball, using a pala (club), or a cesta (basket).Along with a church, almost every town in the Basque Country has its own fronton. Cesta Punta or Jai alai in Basque is one of the fastest ball games in the world, played in a half open covered court, players use a woven basket to fling a leather ball within boundary limits in an effort to score. The lightning quick game has seen players launch the ball at speeds over 200 mph. 

Come visit the charming seaside town of Mutriku for a guided tour given by the daughter of a local pelotari player. The tour retells the colorful history of the fronton in the city of Mutriku, learn about famous players from the area and unique anecdotes about the city that only a local can tell you. 

While simple, pelota requires skill and stamina. Learn how it is played, how to score, how bets are made and the game’s history, then roll up your sleeves and watch an exhibition game with the chance to root for your favorite team to win a prize.

Finally, those interested will get an opportunity to enter the court and learn how to play alongside one of the professionals, choose to play with your hands or with a basket, it is not as easy as it looks! Sometimes the ball travels so fast you hear it, but you can’t see it.Helmets are provided for your safety.

Read more about the route.

Details & Reservation

Where: Mutriku
Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Minimum Recommended: 4 People
Included: Guided Jai Alai Experience, Rules, Access to Frontón, Exhibition, Practice
Languages: English, Spanish, Basque, German

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