The Great Outdoors Vitoria Bike & Kayak Tour

Looking for a variety of activities for a fun-filled day? The great outdoors bike and kayak tour of Vitoria will take you on a guided bike ride through the lush natural surroundings of the Basque Navarra Via Verde Route and Ulibarri-Gamboa Natural Park for a kayak tour of the largest reservoir in the Basque Country
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Originally from Eibar, a province in Gipuzkoa, Agus is a natural athlete who has always loved the outdoors. He is a certified inline skating instructor and is a member of the Vitoria Gaubela Association of inline skaters. He loves Vitoria and showing visitors around the city. One of his favorite past times includes cooking traditional Basque food, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Agus is one of our active guides who will accompany you on your outdoor adventure

Explore some of Vitoria’s natural surroundings by land and by water. 

The tour starts with a bike ride around the outskirts of Vitoria’s and the Basque Navarra Via Verde, once an important train route linking the provinces of the Basque Country.

You will then switch gears and take a relaxing kayak ride through the waters of the Ulibarri-Gamboa reservoir. The reservoir is a favorite destination for local Vitoriano’s in the summertime. It is also a haven for local wild life and acts as an important natural environment for migratory birds. Lunch will also be served at a scenic spot along the water.

The great outdoors itinerary is the perfect way to spend a day enjoying the natural surroundings of the Basque Country. If you enjoy active tourism and nature you’ll love this itinerary.

What to bring? 

Comfortable clothing and appropriate foot ware for bikes, swimsuit and towel, sun block and a water bottle.

Requirement: Must know how to swim and ride a bike.

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Details & Reservation

Where: Vitoria
Minimum Recommended: 4 People
Length: 8 Hours
Recommended for: 12 Years and Up
Guide: Yes
Included: Menu
Book in Advance: Yes

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