The Caserío and Basque Rural Life

Euskal Txerri

Have you ever wondered how Basque people in the country go about their daily life? What’s behind the stone walls guarding their traditional farms, known as caseríos?

We have organized a unique and singular experience for you to see first-hand how a family of Basque farmers and shepherds live.

Our vehicle will pick you up early in the morning and you will be whisked off to our destination in no time. Once there, you will meet the family in their caserío.

During your visit you will have a chance to breathe fresh air from the mountains, learn everything about life in the farm as well as the process of rearing Basque hogs. Euskal Txerria pigs are the only indigenous breed left in the Basque Country - they are naturally reared with the same traditional methods used since 1550.

After this initial contact, we will sit at the table by the fireplace to taste the great variety of artisan Basque products - chorizo, ham, meat loin and more, all paired with txakoli and other local wines.

A real chance to experience the essence of Basque gastronomy, its quality and respect for the ingredients and products that form part of it.

Details & Reservation

Where: San Sebastián
Length: 3 Hours
Book in Advance: Yes
Includes: Private visit to the farmhouse and surrounding forests, lunch with wine, local guide, private transport to and from the farm
Minimum Recommended: 6 People

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