Surf the Basque Country – Global VIP Surfari

The Basque Country is a premier surfing destination, complete with great waves, miles of rugged coastline, green landscapes, clean beaches, modern architecture and wonderful locals, who are passionate about the land and sea
Surf Mundaka

We’ve planned this global VIP surfari for travelers who love to surf, eat and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, from seaside towns and favorite local hangouts, to some of the best gastronomy in the world, regardless if you are a novice surfer or professional, join us and our local surfing partners for a one-of-a kind holiday.

Travel to some of the best surf destinations along the coast from Mundaka and Sopelana to Zarautz and San Sebastian. We’ve selected comfortable and deluxe accommodations, chosen the finest restaurants and packed an itinerary for those who love to surf and enjoy life. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides can help to customize the itinerary to your needs.Get in touch to plan your trip.

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Recommended Months: All year around
Group Size Recommended: 8-16 People

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