St. Ignatius of Loyola Tour

Sanctuary of Loyola

If you want to learn more about the work, life and miracles of St. Ignatius (Don Iñigo de Loyola), founder of the Jesuits, this guided tour will take you to one of the leading pilgrimage destinations in the Basque Country.

Whether you are a religious person, like history or you admire the architectural beauty of certain buildings, this tour of the Sanctuary of Loyola is a must-see visit.

We start the tour at the tower house where he lived in the 15th century followed by a visit to the beautiful Baroque sanctuary. Once we have seen the architectural complex, we will go to the neighboring town of Azpeitia.

This town witnessed the transformation of St. Ignatius, from soldier loyal to the king to man of peace at God’s service. We will visit the church where he was baptized and the baptismal font, blessed by the hands of two Popes.

The tour will end at the Hospital de la Magdalena, silent witness to the work and miracles of this venerated saint.

Details & Reservation

Where: Loyola (Azpeitia)
Length: 3 -4 Hours
Minimum Recommended: 4 People
Languages: English, Spanish, Basque, German
Transportation: Could be arranged

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