Southern France & Northern Spain Wine Tour

Experience some of the finest wines and cuisine of Southern France and the Basque Country. This completely customizable itinerary caters to those who are looking for that something different
Wine tour Rioja and France
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Isabel & Jose spend part of their life in London, Navarra and Manila. Since 2002 they have planned highly customized travel experiences for visitors from all over the world and are well loved for their gracious hospitality and charming characters. With a broad network of contacts from restaurant owners and access to private estates in Southern France and Spain, they offer personalized trips and are always on the look out to discover the latest new restaurants in a relentless pursuit of good honest food

The wine regions of France and Spain offer unique history and rich wine growing tradition. Each region has its own culture, language and flavors. Explore the best of both worlds with your bespoke guides who will take care of planning your trip with the greatest detail.

This bespoke tour recommends starting your journey in France with a visit to the Bordeaux, Medoc and Pauillac appellations. It then crosses into the Basque Country in Northern Spain for a visit to San Sebastian, where you will sample the local white wine known as txakoli and enjoy a tour of the world famous pintxo bars of the old quarter. From here visit the La Rioja wine-growing region to dine on a traditional Riojan menu of roasted meats accompanied by fine Spanish tempranillo wines. Finally, visit the modern city of Bilbao to see the Guggenheim museum and learn about the transformation of the city.

A bespoke tour is a completely customized tour. It is highly personalized to address your likes and loves, from a preference for small intimate inns to off the beaten track destinations.

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Recommended Months: From April to October
Group Size Recommended: 2-20 People

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