San Sebastian Gastro Tour & Cruise

Get the best of both worlds on this gastro tour. Less than twenty minutes from San Sebastian explore a traditional apple orchard, dine in a traditional Basque ciderhouse and enjoy a coastal cruise
San Sebastián Aquarium
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Travel Basque Country collaborates with an association of local sidra growers, restaurants, cultural groups and the city of Astigarraga who promote locally produced sidra

Looking for something to compliment your visit to San Sebastian? This gastro tour takes you into the province of Gipuzkoa to visit Astigarraga, the heart of apple cider or sidraproduction. This full day gastro tour includes a guided tour of a Cider Museum with a real apple orchard to learn about the history and culture behind apple cultivation. You will also be able to sample local varieties of cider known as sidra, mosto and liquor.

Then head for the coast where you can choose between the coastal town of Pasaia or the majestic bay of San Sebastian to embark on a coastal cruise. The visit includes a tour of the boat museum in Pasaia or the Aquarium in San Sebastian.

Finish of your day with a meal in a traditional sidreria, the local cider house where you can enjoy a hearty meal of croquetas, tortilla de bacalao, and the famous Basque T-bone steaks. Accompanied by all you can drink apple cider.

Random fact: Basque sailors were accustomed to long excursions at sea from fishing and whaling to exploration of new territories, the sailors would often bring cider with them on their journeys to drink. As a result many were able to avoid sicknesses such as scurvy due to the high vitamin C content in sidra.


  • *Visit the Basque Sidra Museum
  • *Sidra tasting
  • *Tour of the apple orchard, including traditional apple picking
  • *Boat tour
  • *Boat museum or aquarium visit
  • *Lunch or Dinner in a traditional cider house
  • *Souvenir

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Details & Reservation

Where: San Sebastián and Astigarraga (11 min from San Sebastián)
Length: 5 Hours
Children under 3 free when accompanied by an adult
Book in Advance: Yes
Languages: English, Spanish, Basque, French

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