San Sebastián Cooking Class

San Sebastin Cooking Class

A chance to improve your cooking skills in this activity aimed at home chefs. You will learn how to make Basque-style pintxos and one main course dish at one of San Sebastian’s leading gastronomic societies under the guidance of our Basque chef.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a wannabe Master Chef. This class will arm you with the necessary techniques and confidence to surprise everyone at your next dinner party back home.

* Almost 3hrs hands-on preparation with a professional Basque chef

* A trip to the local market to choose high quality ingredients for your activity

* 3 to 4 classic pintxo recipes (prep & cooking)

* 1 Basque main course dish (meat or fish depending on season)

* Gastronomic society

* Pintxo recipe cards

At the end of the Basque Cooking Class, you and your fellow classmates can remove your aprons, relax and sit around one of the large farm house tables to enjoy the dishes you have cooked with your newly acquired skills at the Gastronomic Society. And yes, wine is served!

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Details & Reservation

Where: San Sebastián
Book in Advance: Yes
Visit local market: Yes
Gourmet Lunch: Yes
Group Size Recommended: 6-16 People

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