Pintxo cooking class in San Sebastián

Cooking Classes

The opportunity to don an apron should not be missed during a visit to San Sebastian. Talking about San Sebastian means talking about Basque cooking, pintxos and txokos, traditional kitchens where groups of friends gather to cook and share good food.

Here at Travel Basque Country, we invite you to don an apron and join the fun, reveling in the local flavors.

To help you during this experience we will first visit the market to stock up on some of the best local produce. Afterwards we will head for the Txoko —or gastronomic society, as these clubs are also known— where you will be surely made to feel like a Basque cooking pro.

Once your apron is in place, follow our expert chef’s advice and create your own culinary miniature creations.

Pintxos are served.

At the end of such delicious experience, sit at the table in our Txoko and taste the array of pintxos prepared by you and your kitchen mates.

A really tasty experience to enjoy during your visit to San Sebastian.

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Details & Reservation

Where: San Sebastián
Book in Advance: Yes
Group Size Recommended: 6-16 People

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