One Fine Day: Getaria & Balenciaga

Getaria is a quaint coastal town located in the province of Gipuzkoa famous for its seafood, white wine and as the birthplace of world reknown fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Spend a gorgeous day on the coast enjoying the best Getaria has to offer. This guided trip includes rich history, a museum tour, a wine tasting session and a delicious meal by the coast with a knowledgable guide
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Erik is half-Basque, half-English and 100 percent authentic. He is an expert local guide who loves the sea and land. Having traveled in almost every continent from Europe, Latin America, South East Africa, Australia and Asia, Erik moved to the Basque Country in 2009, which is where he now calls home. Find him sportfishing, sailing, trekking, cooking, and sharing the wonders of the Basque Country with visitors from near and far

One may wonder how such a small town became famous for grilled fish, fashion and white wine. Spend a day in the enchanting fishing village of Getaria and learn why the New York Times voted Getaria as one of its top places to visit in 2013.

The picturesque town of Getaria offers visitors an array of activities. This tour encompasses the best that Getaria has to offer from artisan fishing, the best grilled seafood in the region, a tasting of the local wines and a visit to one of the most important fashion museums in Europe. Your guide will take care of all of the arrangements and make sure you make the most of your holiday.

Fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga represented the essence of haute couture in Spain, both rustic and sophisticated. He was the son of a modest fisherman and a seamstress, who transformed himself into one of the most sought after designers in Europe. Here in the fishing town of Getaria visit the museum that lives on in homage to his work. Balenciaga redefined the feminine silhouette and his creations have been seen on famous personalities from Jackie Kennedy to Nicole Kidman.

Another famous resident was the Basque explorer Juan Elcano who joined Ferdinand Magellan on his expedition around the world. He is known in history as the first explorer to circumnavigate the world. After Magellan’s death in the Philippines and a series of other unfortunate events, Juan Elcano eventually took command of the remaining crew to bring them home to Spain in 1522.

Following a tour of the town and port, visit a local bodega and tour the vineyard to learn about the limited production and growing popularity of txakoli, the local white wine. Txakolí is the perfect compliment to the delectable pintxos served in local bars. The Getaria wine region was first to receive the Denominación de Origen, distinguishing it for both quality and consistency. 

Your professional guide will prepare every detail from organizing an amazing lunch, transportation, wine tasting and tour. As an added activity you can also choose to set sail from Getaria to visit the scenic coastline including the flysch rock formations of Deba and Zumaia or the fishing ports of Leketio and Bermeo. Boat tour is an optional, you can also arrange to stay overnight in a boutique hotel. Please get in touch with us for more details.

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