Navarra & La Rioja Cultural Tour

Enjoy the quaint Valley of Baztan, UNESCO world heritage sites, medieval villages of Navarra and the fine wines of La Rioja in this off-the-beaten-track itinerary that will take you through some of the best kept secrets of the Basque Country and neighboring regions
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       Wine _tours _jose _isabel -p Isabel & Jose spend part of their life in London, Navarra and Manila. Since 2002 they have planned highly customized travel experiences for visitors from all over the world and are well loved for their gracious hospitality and charming characters. With a broad network of contacts from restaurant owners and access to private estates in Southern France and Spain, they offer personalized trips and are always on the look out to discover the latest new places in a relentless pursuit of good honest food

Despite its relatively small size, Navarra features stark contrasts in geography, from the Pyrenees mountain range that dominates the territory to the plains of the Ebro river valley in the south. Discover forgotten medieval villages, curious traditions like the running of the bulls and learn about the Camino de Santiago, or Pilgrimage of Saint James, which begins in St Jean Pied de Port and winds its way into the Pyrenees. 

With a rich and interesting history, fine gastronomy and off-the-beaten track treasures, this special cultural tour is for those looking to discover the interiors of Navarra and La Rioja at their own pace. The trip is completely customizable to your preferences. Rest assured that your bespoke guides will take care of planning your trip with the greatest detail, leaving you more time to enjoy, relax and take in the scenery.

Your charming guides will prepare a tailor-made cultural itinerary from the coastal towns of the Basque Country, to the hidden valleys of Navarra and the vineyards of La Rioja. With their well-established network they can help to arrange some of the best tables from exclusive access to private homes and bodegas to selecting the best rooms in charming inns and hotels.

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Recommended Months: From April to October
Group Size Recommended: 6-20 People

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