Mutriku Whaling History Walking Tour & Txoko Lunch

Take a fascinating journey into the history of Mutriku from the middle ages to present day. Learn about local folklore, the whaling industry and enjoy lunch in an authentic Basque txoko
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Noemi invites you to visit her hometown with a welcome smile and open arms, sit at a table with the locals of Mutriku, take a stroll down its historic streets and sip a glass of wine with your new friends to get a real feel for local life. The daughter of a local pelotari Noemi spent several years living in the US before returning to the town where she grew up. She is passionate about local tourism and actively participates in promoting visits to this special area of the Basque coastline

Founded in 1209 by the clever King Alfonso VIII of Castilla, Mutriku became famous for its whaling industry, the town eventually had to donate a whale a year to the King as a symbol of allegiance to Castilla.

Being an expert fisherman and sailor was part of the way of life in Mutriku. The town flourished in the middle ages and its people lived off the sea, fishing and the whaling were both dangerous and labor-intensive occupations. Within the walls of the city spectacular tales of whaling vessels, captains and seafaring journeys still live on. From an economic perspective every portion of the whale was used from meat and skin, to teeth and bones that were used for making women’s garments.

This cultural visit includes a walking tour that will add color to the lives of these hard working men and women who lived off the sea, its aristocratic palaces, famous nobles and sea admirals, juicy local scandals and even a touch of piracy. You will be entranced by the rich history of this charming town and its curious characters told by your expert guides.

Finish off with your visit with a tour of the private whaling museum, and a sampling of local delicacies at a traditional Basque txoko. Don’t worry whale meat is no longer served on the menu!

What is a Txoko? Txoko in Basque language means nook or cozy corner. They are private kitchens with dining areas typically owned and managed by a group of members. Some of the oldest historic txokos in the Basque Country date back to the 1800’s. The txoko is a pillar of local culture, a casual meal, and a place for friends, families and neighbors to come together to enjoy good food and camaraderie. It is a uniquely Basque experience.

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Where: Mutriku. Basque Coast.
Length: 2-3 Hours
Minimum Recommended: 4 People
Languages: English, Spanish, Basque, German

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