Mountain Ranges, Folklore and Shepard Life Walking Tour

Away from the crowds enjoy peace and tranquility on a walk through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Basque Country. Accompanied by expert guides take an unparalleled trek into the Urkiola National Park, this is the heart of Bizkaia where traditional caserios, shepards and mountain living are an integral part of life
Urkiola (Photo by TBC, Javier Salazar)
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Charming and friendly, Iago shares his love for hiking and mountain ranges with everyone he meets. An engineer by profession he wanted to create a new way for visitors to explore his homeland.

Get picked up in the morning from Bilbao and whisked off to a magical valley less than an hour away from Bilbao in the south eastern corner of Bizkaia. A favorite with local outdoor enthusiasts Urkiola offers beautiful landscapes, history and local folklore.

The 2-hour walk will traverse rocky landscapes, beech and oak forests, rivers, mountain valleys and the grasslands of the oldest natural park in Bizkaia. Stand at the vista point at the center of some of the most important mountain ranges in the Basque region including the mountains: Amboto, Alluitx, Astxiki, Untxillatz, Errialtabaso and Saibi.

Following your walk, your guide will take you to a traditional “baserri” or rural farmhouse where you can see how local shepards live. From their incredible skills to guide their herds of sheep with the help of trained dogs, to the unique way of life in harmony with their natural surroundings, the visit offers a fascinating peek into the lives of local Basque. Enjoy local hospitality over a traditional meal in a rural setting with amazing views of the Atxondo valley.

After lunch, visit the beautiful villa of Elorrio with a historic  necropolis, palaces, fountains and other enchanted places, the city was declared a historic and artistic landmark.


  • *Easy to moderate walking. This activity is open to everyone. 

  • *Don’t forget to bring comfortable walking clothes and shoes, water and your camera.

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Group Size Recommended: 4-10 People
Recommended Months: All Year Round
Length: Full Day
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