Made-to-Order Traditional Basque Cazuela

Slow-cooked, deliberate, patient, traditional and delicious. These are some of the words that describe traditional Basque cuisine. Pre-order a traditional stew for pick up or let us find a txoko for you to dine in when visiting Bilbao
Basque food contest

In Basque, a sukalki is a slow cooked stew of meat and potatoes, many towns celebrate local cooking contests of this traditional dish. The clay pot often used to cook these stews is called a cazuela.

So what is the big deal? Imagine selecting the freshest ingredients from a rural market or farm, superb fish from the Cantabrian coast, cheeses and wild mushrooms from the mountains, free range chickens, grass fed beef and seasonal vegetables and fruit. Season with over 700 years of experience, culture and the refined palates of housewives, txoko owners and home chefs, the results are some of the finest examples of traditional Basque Cuisine.

Much like signature American BBQ is for those in places like Kansas, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina, the Basque cazuelo is the pride of local cuisine. It paints a portrait of the regions people, fisherman, miners, laborers and chefs that enjoy simple, hearty and honest food.

Some of the most popular cazuelas inclulde:

  • *Merluza la Vasca: Line-caught merluza, the pride of the Basque fishermen prepared with clams, garlic, olive oil and a dash of white wine

  • *Bacalao a pil pil: A champion dish of the Basque menu, salted cod, cooked in olive oil that has been slowly coaxed into an emulsion over a whisper flame. What makes this dish rather extraordinary is its simplicity. Only three ingredients: bacalao, olive oil and garlic, result in a rich velvety sauce and a myriad of secret tips to making the perfect pil pil.

  • *Bacalao a la Bizkaina: Salted cod, garlic, onions and red peppers slowly cooked in olive oil.

  • *Txipirones en su tinta: Squid cooked in its own ink, with a sofrito of onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic. The dish may have been influenced by the Basque’s close ties with the Philippines.

  • *Marmitako: The classic fisherman’s stew of bonito, potato and local produce.

  • *Rabo de Toro: Slow cooked oxtail stew in wine with potatoes and carrots.

  • *Guisado: Stewed beef or lamb slow cooked and seasoned with vegetables.

Sound appetizing? If you are visiting Bilbao, have a cazuela made for your group during your visit. Prepared lovingly by our network of amatxus, txoko owners and local chef’s, taste the home cooked flavors of the Basque Country.

*Please let us know if you have any allergies or special requests, we will do our best to accommodate.

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Where: Bilbao
Book in Advance: Yes
Pick Up Location: Bilbao or Local Festival
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Cazuelas: For 6 People
Bacalao Bizkaina
Bacalao Pil Pil
Merluza (Hake)
Guisado (Stew)
Rabo de Toro (Oxtail)

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