Learn to slice Iberico Ham

Slice Iberico Ham

In this mouth-watering experience, ham lovers will learn all the secrets of jamón, from the green pastures in southern Spain where pigs are reared to the table where ham is served.

Have you ever asked yourself what is so special about its flavor?  Or why are they sometimes called Bodega Ham while other cuts are referred to as Iberico Ham?

At this master class, our expert will show these and many more secrets. You will get a chance to discover jamón’s aging process, what pigs are fed, the climate in the area where they are reared and how hams are cured -all these issues are key to obtain one of the most valued delicacies in the Mediterranean diet.

You will not only learn everything there is to know about ham, but our expert will also show you all the steps to slice a ham as well as the range of flavors found in each of its parts.

By the end of the class, you will have turned into a master ham cutter.

This experience will be accompanied by a tasting of sherry-style wines from southern Spain -the perfect partner for a first-class Iberico ham.

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Details & Reservation

Where: San Sebastián
Length: 2 Hours
Book in Advance: Yes
Includes: Ham-cutting expert, Sherry wine tasting, one pack of Iberian Ham, bottle of water and bread sticks

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