Learn How to Play Cesta Punta

Test your skills at the fast-paced game of Cesta Punta, also known as Jai Alai. Learn from professional players and enjoy a game with friends or family, followed by a delicious paella lunch
Cesta punta

Cesta Punta is a traditional Basque sport, similar to racket ball or squash, instead of a racket, a curved basket is used to catch and launch the ball against the wall. The game is played in a two walled court called a fronton. The goal is to score points and keep the the ball within the boundaries of the court.

Every single town in the Basque Country has a fronton court where Cesta Punta or Pelota Mano (handball) is played. Learn about the history of the game, visit the picturesque coastal town of Hondaribbia and enjoy a fun and educational activity.

This family oriented experience is great for a group, bring your kids along and they will learn a new sport and some interesting history and culture while on holiday. To complete the experience we can also arrange for lunch at the venue, enjoy a delicious paella accompanied by txakoli (local white wine) and fruit juice for kids.  

Includes guide, local players, demonstrations and activities. Catering available upon request.

Please inquire about group reservations and notify us of any allergies.

Read more about the route.

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Where: Hondarribia. 15 min from San Sebastián.
Included: Paella Tasting
Recommended for: Groups and Families

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0-6 Years Old