Learn How to Make a Traditional Basque Meal in an Authentic Txoko

Visit the famous La Bretxa market in the heart of San Sebastian, a chef will give you a tour of the stalls and select the freshest ingredients, you will then head to an authentic Basque txoko and learn how to cook classic Basque dishes
Basque gastronomy society
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Chef Txuno Etxaniz specializes in cooking Basque cuisine and is a regular client at the La Bretxa market. He has been featured on the BBC and is well known in culinary circles. He is the author of several cook books including Cocina Vasca de Siempre, Nuestros Pescados en la Cocina and Reposteria Facil.  Join him as he explains the secrets of good cooking

Gastronomy is one of the main attractions of the Basque Country. This experience will take you inside an authentic "txoko," a typical kitchen where a groups of friends or families gather to enjoy cooking and share good food. Privately owned txokos are usually members only, most visitors do not get to visit txokos, but we’ve reserved the best table in the house for you!

Txoko’s go all the way back to the mid-1800's, when groups of friends in the Basque Country would gather eat, chat and break out into song. They later evolved into Basque Gastronomic Societies and have played a big part in helping to keep local food, recipes and traditions alive.

The meeting point for this experience will be the traditional Bretxa market in San Sebastian. Professional chef, Txuno Etxaniz, will give you a guided tour of the different stands in the market as you shop for the freshest products to prepare your meal. 

The variety and selection of products are constantly changing based on the season, Chef Etxaniz will work with you to create a traditional Basque menu using some of the freshest ingredients available.

You will then cross the Urumea River towards the Kursaal and head to Itsasburu, an authentic and renovated Private Basque Gastronomy Club, where the cooking workshop will take place.

Txuno Etxaniz will show you the secrets of traditional Basque cuisine and prepare a complete menu that you can enjoy for lunch. We recommend this experience for groups from 6 to 8 people. Let us know if you would like us to help you book any accomodation.

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Where: San Sebastián
Recommended Months: July, August, September
Length: 4-5 Hour
Included: Menu
Recommended for: Groups and Families

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