Learn How to Cook a Traditional Basque Meal in Vitoria

Like to cook? Join a professional chef and learn how to create traditional Basque dishes in an authentic txoko. Good for groups visiting Vitoria
Basque Country food txoko Vitoria

Ever watched Master Chef and wished you could test your skills? A favorite past time in the Basque Country is getting together to cook a great meal to share between family and friends. Traditionally gatherings take place in txoko’s -- privately owned casual dining spaces with a kitchen and a bar. Inside these walls locals gather to socialize, cook and sing. We’ve crafted a fun culinary experience where you can learn how to make some of legendary dishes of Basque gastronomy and be your own Master Chef. 

For example, Marmitako is a traditional fish stew that was prepared on many sailing vessels. It is a simple dish made of tuna, potatoes, onions, pimientos and tomatoes. Using only the freshest available ingredients, each chef has their own special tips to making the best marmitako. During the summer festivals in the Basque Country many towns hold local culinary contests and dishes like marmitako, alubias, rabo de toro, bacalao, stuffed chard or stuffed peppers are prepared and judged. The best cooks compete for the honor of the ‘txapeldun’ for the best dish. 

Dishes are selected based on the season and availability of ingredients. You will enjoy sampling the dishes prepared with a glass of wine and fresh baked bread. 

Includes: Professional chef + txoko + ingredients

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Details & Reservation

Where: Vitoria
Group Size Recommended: 6-12 People
Length: 2-3 Hours
Book in Advance: Yes

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