Kayak Tour to Puente Colgante

Starting in Bilbao, this guided kayak tour travels down the river Nervion towards the ocean. You will pass the remnants of Bilbao’s industrial past and arrive at the Puente Colgante, an UNESCO world heritage site
Puente Colgante Kayak tour

Take a guided kayak tour down the Nervión river towards the Puente Colgante, the world’s oldest ferry bridge, built by a student of Gustave Eiffel (architect and civil engineer of the Eiffel Tower).

The history of Bilbao has long been tied to the Nervión River, the estuary separates the left bank and the right bank of the metropolis. Over 1000 years ago the villa of Bilbao was once an important intersection for trade, goods from Castilla would be shipped here for trade with Northern European regions. Bilbao eventually evolved into an important shipbuilding and industrial power. This kayak tour will give you insight into Bilbao's historic industrial past and explain how it transformed into the modern world-class city it is today. 

Includes kayak and equipment, guide and transport back to point of entry. Showers and changing rooms are available. 

  • *All participants must know how to swim

  • *Please wear clothing appropriate for water activities, swimsuit and bring a change of clothing and towel.

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Details & Reservation

Where: 20 min from Bilbao
Group Size Recommended: 5-30 People
Length: 4-5 Hours
Discounts: + 5 People
Book in Advance: Yes

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