Kayak Adventure: Butron Castle and Plentzia

Private guided kayak tour from the coastal city of Plentzia to the fairy tale castle of Butron. Enjoy the magical scenery, flora and fauna on this one-of-a-kind kayak tour along the river
Castillo Butrón

Originally an important protective fort in the middle ages, the Castle of Butron is a sight to behold and a local landmark. 

Built as a fort in the thirteenth century, it grew into a defensive tower owned by the Butron family, over a period of three hundred years this castle was the backdrop of the many clan battles between local families. It was then forgotten until nineteenth century and was renovated into the spectacular historic building that stands here today, inspired by fairy tale Bavarian castles. The castle of Butron sits silently in the lush green valley of Gatika surrounded by a hundred year old forest. The castle is currently closed to the public.

This two-hour kayak adventure covers a very special area, you will travel five kilometers from Plentzia at the mouth of the river, and wind your way to Butron. The direction of the trip may vary depending upon the flow of the tides. A professional guide will take you along the route and all the equipment you need is included. 

Showers and changing rooms are available.

  • *All participants must know how to swim.
  • *Please wear clothing appropriate for water activities and bring a change of clothing and a towel.

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Details & Reservation

Where: Bilbao
Group Size Recommended: 5-30 Personas
Length: 4-5 Horas
Book in Advance: Yes

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