Hangout with Indie Video Game Developers in Bilbao

Bilbao has a fast growing community of independent video game developers, from casual games to serious games – the modern city has an up and coming independent video game community. RELEVO Video games can take you inside the world of local game developers and invite you over to their studio pad for a retro video game challenge
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Jon Cortázar is founder and CEO of RELEVO Videogames, an independent development studio and winner of several national and international video game design awards

RELEVO Videogames develops video games for a wide variety of platforms from PC and Mac to PlayStation and smartphones.

But what is really cool about them is their work on vintage video game platforms. RELEVO specializes in retro video games that take you back to the 80s computers like Atari, Spectrum and MSX. They have won both national and international acclaim for their true to concept authentic video game designs. 

RELEVO develops old school games, using old school techniques. For RELEVO developing retro video games is an art form, like making vinyl records. The nostalgic touch of their designs appeals to retro game lovers, casual game lovers and those interested in the history of video games.

Step inside the RELEVO Video Games studio in the center of Bilbao and hang out with their team to understand how retro video games are made, meet with their team of developers and you may even get to challenge them to a classic arcade game or two. 

About Jon: Jon loves the pure essence of early gaming concepts. During the era of hi-tech video game systems, awesome simulations and games with outstanding visuals, he holds strong to the pure joy of old school games that thrived on 8-bits. For him the whole industry has discovered that simple, catchy and funny concepts can make great products. 

Jon loves chatting about videogames, the industry, and meeting people from all around the world who share this passion. He is a great guy and if you fancy meeting him during your stay in Bilbao and learning more about the local or retro video game industry then we’ve got a VIP pass just for you. 

Note: Experience includes beer, coffee or pintxos, meet the founders and mini-tour of the RELEVO Video Games office.

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Where: Bilbao
Length: 1 Hour
Group Size Recommended: 1-5 People

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