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The first traces of settlement in the Salt Valley of Añana trace back to 5,000 years ago. Join us on a half-day tour to this historic spot that is the source of one of the ancient world’s most highly valued commodities. To compliment the tour you will also visit Valdegobia home of Spain’s best potatoes
Salineras Añana
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Originally from Eibar, a province in Gipuzkoa, Agus is a natural athlete who has always loved the outdoors. He is a certified inline skating instructor and is a member of the Vitoria Gaubela Association of inline skaters. He loves Vitoria and showing visitors around the city. One of his favorite past times includes cooking traditional Basque food, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Agus is one of the friendly tour guides who will accompany you in your visit to the salt flats

Salt is an essential natural element. The finest gastronomy in the world is flavorless without salt. Famous chef Mark Bitterman dedicated an entire novel to this humble yet important flavoring. Salted, a manifesto on the world’s most essential mineral discusses the author’s 20-year fascination with salt.

The Salinas de Añana is the source for many of Spain’s Michelin Star chefs’ primal flavoring. For thousands of years, salt was artisanally produced in this valley passing from Roman rule to the wealthy nobles who controlled the supply of salt. Recently, the salinas have been undergoing restoration to bring back the salt flats to their original splendor. Private guided tours will take you through the installation and talk about the history of the valley.

To complete the visit you will also get a chance to visit Valdegobia, every February this town celebrates their most prized tuber, the potato – used in the most quintessential dishes from tortilla de patata to patatas a la Riojana, the potatoes from this region are grown in high dry climate in mineral rich soil that results in high-quality potatoes which have their own denomination of origin.

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Minimum Recommended: 4 People
Length: 4-5 Hours
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