Fernando, a Universal Cuisine


Twenty years have gone by since this Bilbao-born chef started his singular career around the world.

From an early age and always under the watchful eye of his mother, Fernando managed to craft his first dishes among pots and pans. He had no doubt that he wanted to become a chef. At eighteen years of age and fresh from his compulsory military service, Fernando moved to San Sebastian to start his career. Eight years learning and working in the city gave him the chance to meet some of the best chefs in San Sebastian, such as Pedro Subijana (Akelarre) and Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa) from whom he learnt their techniques and secrets.

After eight years, our chef left the city that was his school, home and work to embark on a new journey. Majorca, Madrid, London, France, Ukraine, Denmark and Barcelona, where he worked at Michelin-starred Celler de Can Roca under the leadership of chef Joan Roca.

Back in Bilbao, he opened his own restaurant where he now puts into practice all the skills he has acquired along the years. We bring you a different type of cuisine, simple and direct, which reflects the people and places found over the course of a lifetime devoted to cooking.

A singular cuisine which is available at all hours.

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Where: Bilbao
Book in Advance: Yes
Includes: 6 courses and dessert

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