Basque Country family Activities and Groups


St. Ignatius of Loyola Tour

If you want to learn more about the work, life and miracles of Don Iñigo de Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, this guided tour will take you to one of the leading pilgrimage destinations in the Basque Country

Pintxo cooking class in San Sebastián

The opportunity to don an apron should not be missed during a visit to San Sebastian. Talking about San Sebastian means talking about Basque cooking, pintxos and txokos, traditional kitchens where groups of friends gather to cook and share good food

San Sebastián Cooking Class

A chance to improve your cooking skills in this activity aimed at home chefs. You will learn how to make Basque-style pintxos and one main course dish at one of San Sebastian’s leading gastronomic societies under the guidance of our Basque chef

Learn to slice Iberico Ham

In this mouth-watering experience, ham lovers will learn all the secrets of jamón, from the green pastures in southern Spain where pigs are reared to the table where ham is served

San Sebastián Guided Tour & Pintxos

If you want to find out more about San Sebastian, we have the perfect guided tour for your holiday, regardless of whether you travel solo, as part of a group or with the family

Local Market & Basque Txoko Lunch

The Mercado de la Ribera is the largest covered market in Western Europe. Take a tour of the market and head to an authentic Basque txoko afterwards and learn how to prepare local dishes

The History of Cider in the Basque Country

Learn about the history of Cider in the Basque Country, called "Sidra" by the locals, from the farm to the table, enjoy a guided visit of a traditional farmhouse, followed by a meal in an authentic sidreria

Cook Like a Local: Basque Culinary Contest

Be a part of the festive atmosphere, tradition, culture and cuisine in one of the many local cooking contests. This hands-on Cook Like a Local experience puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the regions most passionate amateur cooks. Are you up for the throw down?

The Caserío and Basque Rural Life

Have you ever wondered how Basque people in the country go about their daily life? What’s behind the stone walls guarding their traditional farms, known as caseríos?

Cider House Rules: Basque Sidreria Culture

Apples have been cultivated in the Basque Country for hundreds of years. Apple farming is an art passed down from generation to generation from selecting seeds, planting, growing and care family owned orchards ensured the supply of local cider. Step into the valley of Astigarraga and learn how sidra or cider is made from the orchard to your glass

Vitoria's Green Belt – Guided Bike Tour

Visit the natural surroundings in and around the city of Vitoria. This half-day guided bike tour will take you around Vitoria’s Green Belt, from the city center to Salburua Natural Park across meadows, through forests and much more. Book your trip today

San Sebastian Gastro Tour & Cruise

Get the best of both worlds on this gastro tour. Less than twenty minutes from San Sebastian explore a traditional apple orchard, dine in a traditional Basque ciderhouse and enjoy a coastal cruise

Visit French Basque Coastline

Spend an unforgettable day visiting the Côte Basque, the French side of the Basque coastline filled with superb beaches and charming villages. This custom tour experience includes your own chauffeur guide and private transport to enjoy the day at your own pace

Family Kickbike Tour Bilbao

Take the kids out for some fresh air and fun, this family friendly tour will take you to some of the best spots in the city to enjoy with the entire family

San Sebastián Wine Tasting

San Sebastián is well-known for being the world’s gastronomy capital. And no doubt everyone is aware that each dish worth its salt must be paired with a first-class wine

San Sebastian Pintxo Tour & Cooking Class

Enjoy a walking tour of the historic Casco Viejo and a visit to some of the best pintxos bars in town. Then learn how to make your own pintxos!

Salburúa National Park Guided Bike Tour

The Salburúa National Park encompasses one of the most important wetland areas in the Basque Country. This two-hour guided bike tour will take you outside of the city to enjoy Vitoria’s beautiful natural surroundings

Kayak Adventure: Butron Castle and Plentzia

Private guided kayak tour from the coastal city of Plentzia to the fairy tale castle of Butron. Enjoy the magical scenery, flora and fauna on this one-of-a-kind kayak tour along the river

Bilbao Aste Nagusia Culinary Contests

Take part in the largest cooking contest in the Basque Country. Learn how to make local dishes, get tips from the pros and enjoy one-of-a-kind ambience. Recommended for groups

Best of the Basque Country Hike & Lunch

Spend a day exploring the local forests and majestic natural parks of the Basque Country followed by an epic meal in a traditional restaurant or caserio where you will enjoy local specialties

The Iron Route

The history of the Basque Country has been forged in iron. This tour is a fascinating journey into the secrets of this metal, its origins and the way it it transformed and shaped

Santiagomendi Guided Hike

Take a guided hike through the hillsides of Gipuzkoa and learn about the history of the region and its ties to cider production

Mutriku Whaling History Walking Tour & Txoko Lunch

Take a fascinating journey into the history of Mutriku from the middle ages to present day. Learn about local folklore, the whaling industry and enjoy lunch in an authentic Basque txoko

Urban Bike Rental in Bilbao

Explore Bilbao on a bike. Hourly and daily bike rentals are available

Bilbao City Run

Luv to run? Take a guided running tour of Bilbao and get to know the city by foot. Highlights include the historic Casco Viejo, Guggenheim Museum and much more. All levels welcome

Kayak Rentals in Bilbao

Get to know Bilbao from the Nervión river on a kayak. Choose your own pace as you pass emblematic buildings from the Guggenheim Museum, Torre Iberdrola, Izosaki Towers, Casco Viejo, Calatrava Bridge, Puente de Deusto and much more

Underground Caves & Hidden Valley Walking Tour

Discover the west end of Bizkaia on the border of Cantabria, the region known as Encartaciones to visit the areas natural parks, forests, caves and rivers. Including one of the largest underground caves in Europe. The visit includes a stop in the historic mining town of Balmaseda and a hearty Basque alubiada, traditional coal miner lunch.

Book Your Own Personalized Running Tour

Luv to run? If you are interested in a private running tour we can arrange a guide to plan a customized route for you or your group. Options include Bilbao city tours or trail routes through the mountain ranges surrounding Bilbao including Artxanda, Monte Avril and a portion of the Camino de Santiago that goes from the Basilica of Begoña to Mount Kobetas. Routes can be customized to your fitness and training level

The Nervión by Night Evening Kayak Tour

Get to see a side of Bilbao that few people ever witness. This evening kayak tour will take you down the river at night to take in the sights, sounds and lights of the city from a privileged vantage point

Mountain Ranges, Folklore and Shepard Life Walking Tour

Away from the crowds enjoy peace and tranquility on a walk through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Basque Country. Accompanied by expert guides take an unparalleled trek into the Urkiola National Park, this is the heart of Bizkaia where traditional caserios, shepards and mountain living are an integral part of life

Jazz & Wine in the Heart of Bilbao

Book an exclusive Jazz & Wine jam session at the private recording studio of a leading pianist and composer. Enjoy premium local wines and smooth tunes inspired by the Basque Country

Learn How to Make a Traditional Basque Meal in an Authentic Txoko

Visit the famous La Bretxa market in the heart of San Sebastian, a chef will give you a tour of the stalls and select the freshest ingredients, you will then head to an authentic Basque txoko and learn how to cook classic Basque dishes

Learn How to Play Cesta Punta

Test your skills at the fast-paced game of Cesta Punta, also known as Jai Alai. Learn from professional players and enjoy a game with friends or family, followed by a delicious paella lunch.

A Taste of the Basque Country

In a region famous for its food and gastronomy, learn about the history, traditions and flavors of Basque cuisine. Let us arrange a private tasting of some of the regions best products for you and your family in San Sebastian.

Kayak Tour to Puente Colgante

Starting in Bilbao, this guided kayak tour travels down the river Nervion towards the ocean. You will pass the remnants of Bilbao’s industrial past and arrive at the Puente Colgante, an UNESCO world heritage site.

Basque Mythology: Basajaun Storytelling Experience

From spirits dwelling in the mountains to mythological creatures, enter the storytellers world and learn about a time before modern humans existed. Take a walk through the forest and listen to fascinating tales from Basque mythology.

Txakoli Wine and the Basque Coastline

Visit the vineyards and the picturesque coastal city of Hondarribia, learn how txakoli is made and get a tour of a local bodega.

Ocean Adventure: Set Sail Along the Basque Coastline

Take your friends and family on a private sailboat charter along the coast. Enjoy scenic views and fresh ocean air

The Great Outdoors Vitoria Bike & Kayak Tour

Looking for a variety of activities for a fun-filled day? The great outdoors bike and kayak tour of Vitoria will take you on a guided bike ride through the lush natural surroundings of the Basque Navarra Via Verde Route and Ulibarri-Gamboa Natural Park for a kayak tour of the largest reservoir in the Basque Country

Urdaibai Estuary Boat Tour

Enjoy sightseeing along the waters of the Urdaibai Estuary and Natural Biosphere Reserve to witness one of the most spectacular coastal areas in Bizkaia

Mutriku Historical Walking Tour

Step back in time and learn about the history of this charming seaside village on the coast of Gipuzkoa. The walking tour will give you an inside look into the fascinating history of the town, its close ties with the sea and famous residents

Hunting for Wild Mushrooms: Ir de Setas

Local gourmands know there is nothing more delicious than the delicate earthy flavors of freshly picked wild mushrooms. Join a seasoned guide on a morning hike in search of this local delicacy and enjoy lunch in a traditional setting

Ondarroa Walking Tour

Take a stroll through the coastal town of Ondarroa with a local guide to learn about the towns long history and links to the sea

Txakoli Vineyard & Winemaker Tour

Learn about local viticulture and visit a family owned txakoli winery for an in depth tour about the production of the Basque Country’s prized white wine

Basque Country Cliffs & Waterfall Walking Tour

Visit some of the most spectacular views in Spain. Over 300 meters high and surrounded by forest, this is the birthplace of the Nervión river in the picturesque Cordillera Cantábrica mountain range.

The Route of the Three Temples

For people in touch with their spiritual side as well as history and architecture lovers, we have just the perfect day trip to enjoy during their holidays. Visit the Basque Country and join the Route of the Three Temples

Harnessing the power of the sea world’s first operational breakwater wave energy plant

In the town of Mutriku is Europe’s first breakwater wave energy plant that harnesses the ferocious force of the oceans tidal and wave power to deliver clean, renewable energy. The plant opened in 2011 and can generate an output of about 300kW

Pintxo Kickbike Tour Bilbao

If food is your thing, this tour is for you, a kickbike tour is a fun way to explore the city on wheels, while stopping at some of the most popular bars and restaurants for a taste of local gastronomy!