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Luv to run? If you are interested in a private running tour we can arrange a guide to plan a customized route for you or your group. Options include Bilbao city tours or trail routes through the mountain ranges surrounding Bilbao including Artxanda, Monte Avril and a portion of the Camino de Santiago that goes from the Basilica of Begoña to Mount Kobetas. Routes can be customized to your fitness and training level
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Aitor is a runner and authentic Bilbaino at heart, he enjoys showing people around the city and exercising. His philosophy is that leading a healthy, active lifestyle has positive impact on your health, education, the environment and quality of life. While on runs he enjoys talking about history, culture, local fiestas and urban legends

Training for an upcoming race? Maintain your fitness level and enjoy a personalized running tour of Bilbao with a guide who can take you on the best running routes in and around the city.

Choose your own adventure. Bilbao, affectionately referred to by the locals as El Botxo (the hole) is surrounded by green mountains. Personalized running tours can cover the city highlights from the Casco Viejo, Abandoibarra, Gran Vía, Etxebarria Park, Arenal and famous buildings including the Arriaga Theatre and Guggenheim Museum, or we can take you up the Artxanda hillside for wonderful views of the city and the Txorierri Valley. If you are up for a challenge our running tours can also climb up to Mount Pagasarri, the highest mountain near in Bilbao with beautiful views of the valley. On a clear day you can see all the way to the coast.  There is also a running tour to Monte Avril, which includes a portion of the Camino de Santiago and passes the Basilica of Begoña to Mount Kobetas.

Our friendly and professional running guides can plan and recommend a route for you and our group. Along the way they will explain the history of the city and point out important landmarks. Ready to run? Join us!

*Film your run! If you would like a souvenir of your run we can also film the experience with our GoPro Camera. The camera is loaded onto your guide’s headset and sees what you see from a runner’s perspective. We then edit the video and send it to you to remember Bilbao. It’s a popular way to have your own video of your trip.

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