Best of the Basque Country Hike & Lunch

Spend a day exploring the local forests and majestic natural parks of the Basque Country followed by an epic meal in a traditional restaurant or caserio where you will enjoy local specialties
Hiking Basque Country
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José and Erik are local guides who enjoy helping visitors discover the land, country, traditions, people, cities and villages that make up the Basque Country. From exciting adventures to private journeys for discerning travelers they prepare authentic local experiences

Visit some of the best hiking areas in the Basque Country for an all day excursion. The natural scenery, majestic mountains and challenging hillsides offer visitors spectacular beauty.

Covered almost 70% by trees, visitors to this area are never far from nature. Hearty Basque locals love to hike, even children from a young age are taken along short hikes. There is no better way to get to know the landscape, people and learn about the locals than to take a hike to one of the natural parks. Guided hikes are organized to either Durango, the mountain range of Urkiola, Mugarra, Apatamonestario, Gorbeia or Amboto.

We then invite you to be a guest for lunch at authentic caserio or farmhouse for a delicious hearty meal. Sink your teeth into a slow roasted lamb, cordero al burduntzi, prepared using the most traditional methods roasted over hot coals for several hours. Or choose from other local specialties that are in season.

Includes: Pick up from hotel, hiking, snack, lunch menu, guide, transportation, insurance. Additional beverages outside of menu not included.


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Details & Reservation

Where: 45 min from Bilbao.
Group Size Recommended: 6-12 People
Recommended Months: All Year Round
Length: Full Day
Included: Transportation
Book in Advance: Yes

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