Battle of Vitoria Bike Tour

Go back 200 years to the Battle of Vitoria, an epic battle where British, Spanish and Portuguese troops battled against the French during the Peninsula Wars. The Battle of Vitoria marked a significant turn in the war against Napoleon’s army
Batalla de Vitoria
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Patxo is a historian and a storyteller with a charming personality. He manages private local tours, specializing in Historical, Napoleonic, Medieval and Wine experiences. When he is not  telling stories at his local pub, you will find him enchanting visitors as he walks them through the exciting reenactment of historical battles fought over 200 years ago such as the Battle of Vitoria or the Siege of San Sebastian

This full day guided bike tour will take you to the scene of the battlefield and expert guides will unravel the strategic events that took place. 

Commemorating the bi-centennial anniversary of the Battle of Vitoria, this special route was created to take visitors back in time to 1813 to when British, Spanish and Portuguese infantry took on Napoleon’s Army to win back Spain’s independence. The full day guided bike tour will take you to the scene of the battlefield where the British Duke of Wellington fought against Joseph Bonaparte, the King of Spain and brother of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The French army was 60,000 including 11,000 cavalry with 138 guns. On the other side, Wellington had 52,000 British, 28,000 Portuguese and  25,000 Spanish troops who co-operated in the campaign. Spend the day immersed in history and get a bit of exercise as our expert guides take you back in time and explain the dramatic events that took place.

In addition to the battlefield, the tour crosses Trespuentes, Villodas, Júndiz, Armentia and the house of Napoleon of Etxezarra. Tour includes bike rental & equipment, friendly guide and a delicious lunch menu.

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Where: Vitoria
Group Size Recommended: 6 People
Length: 8 Hours
Difficulty: Medium
Guide: Bilingual Local guide
Included: Menu

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