Basque Mythology: Basajaun Storytelling Experience

From spirits dwelling in the mountains to mythological creatures, enter the storytellers world and learn about a time before modern humans existed. Take a walk through the forest and listen to fascinating tales from Basque mythology
Basajaun basque mythology

Basque people are an ethnic group that date back many centuries, they lived all along the western end of the Pyrenees to the coast of the Bay of Biscay, an area that is now north-central Spain and south-western France. This unique experience focuses on the mythology and tales from this region that date back to pre-historic times.

In local mythology, the Basajaun (Basajaunaren in Basque) is the local version of big foot. A huge, hairy creature dwelling in the woods that protects flocks of livestock and teaches skills such as agriculture and ironworking to humans.

Artist Robert Garay in cooperation with local initiatives have recreated an interpretation of the Basajaun in the small coastal town of Busuturia. The ambitious project aims to bring Basque Mythology back to life in a natural setting. Taking advantage of the spectacular views of the Urdaibai estuary, the lush forest and natural artistic installations, Garay offers a unique perspective of Basque mythology told by a professional story teller. 

The visit will take you through the exhibition and bring to life the magical tales and mythological creatures of olden times like the Basajaun, the mountain goddess Mari and magical beings Sugaar and Lamias among others.

Great for kids and families, guided visits are provided by the artist himself. Storyteller and contemporary artist Doroteo Zobaran also joins the tour and captures the inspiration of young minds.

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Details & Reservation

Where: Urdabai Biosphere Reserve. 35 min from Bilbao.
Group Size Recommended: 6-20 People
Recommended for: Families
Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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