Basque Country Cliffs & Waterfall Walking Tour

Visit some of the most spectacular views in Spain. Over 300 meters high and surrounded by forest, this is the birthplace of the Nervión river in the picturesque Cordillera Cantábrica mountain range.
Orduña valley
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Charming and friendly, Iago shares his love for hiking and mountain ranges with everyone he meets. An engineer by profession he wanted to create a new way for visitors to explore his homeland.

Beginning in the historic town of Orduña, this hike will take you deep into the valleys of Bizkaia to a city that played a strategic role as a trading post with the Kingdom of Castile. Founded in 1229, Orduña is a geographical and strategic entrance to the Basque region. From here the ruling lords of Bizkaia would oversee caravans of merchants from Castile that traveled through the mountain pass loaded with goods on their way to the sea.

You will then proceed to the Sierra Salvada to enjoy the magnificent views of the Valley of Orduña on a 2-hour walk. Marvel at the Delika Canyon where during rainy season and early Spring a 300-meter waterfall springs from the canyon wall into the valley below. This is the birthplace of the Nervión river that eventually winds its way down to Bilbao and out to sea.

To freshen up enjoy a “txakoli” tasting, the local white wine and head to a beautiful “baserri” or rural house in a picturesque spot in the valley for a hearty traditional Basque lunch.

Following your meal take a relaxing walk through the local landscapes to discover more of the valley.


  • *Easy to moderate walking. This activity is open to everyone. 

  • *Don’t forget to bring comfortable walking clothes and shoes, water and your camera.

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Group Size Recommended: 3-10 People
Recommended Months: All Year Round
Length: Full Day
Included: Menu
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